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Pablo RuizGalán.
Creative / Executive Director.

The Madrid-based designer Pablo RuizGalán studied Fashion Design at Escuela de Arte Nº 2 (Madrid). His Graduation Project received the highest grade in his year. He went on to complete a Master's in Tailoring, a fundamental and characteristic feature of his approach to fashion, given the importance he grants to aspects such as concept, form and detail.

His projects have been presented at:

  • Museo del Traje, Madrid.
  • Matadero, Madrid.
  • Showroom de El Ego de Cibeles, Madrid.
  • Casa América, Madrid.
  • BRUT Space, Madrid.
  • Espaciomenosuno Gallery, Madrid.
  • South 36-32n, Cádiz.
  • Creamoda, Bilbao.
  • Move, Sevilla.

At the last two shows, his collection known as URBE won the First Jury Prize at the year 2011 edition.

His artistic preoccupations have led him to collaborate with creators in different disciplines and create projects in which clothing fashion, illustration, photography, video and music converge.

Bruno Galán Ruiz.
Executive Director/Video producer

Bruno studied Fine Arts at UCM. Together with Pablo RuizGalán, he co-manages the brand and is responsible for the creation and production of RUIZGALÁN audiovisual material.

Carlos Primo.
Press Officer.

Carlos studied Communication at UCM. He writes the texts for the brand and is in charge of Communication and PR tasks at RUIZGALÁN.

Inés Castrillo.
Assistant Designer.

Inés studied Fashion Design at École Duperré (Paris) and Escuela de Arte nº2 (Madrid). She helps Pablo RuizGalán optimize his designs.

Juan José Lorenzo.

Juan José studied Sociology at UCM and later he took a Master in Art Concept and Creation at EFTI. He is responsible for RUIZGALÁN photographic identity.

Juan Flextatowa.
Web design and develop

Juan studied at Physical Education and took a MA in New Technologies and Multimedia Design at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. He has designed and improved our website from the start.

Mariel Bové.

After working for several textile firms, Mariel is in charge of pattern-supervision and tailoring tasks at RUIZGALÁN.

Nuria Blanco Morales.

Nuria studied Fine Arts at UCM and she has contributed to Urbe and New Life collections, mixing her works and her visual world with RUIZGALÁN clothing items.

Cristina Vicario Pérez.

Cristina studied Fine Arts at UCM and Master's in Cultural Affairs Management. She has collaborated with the brand from the beginning and she accomplishes production and communication tasks.